About Us


 Lapiz has emerged from its humble beginning as a small design studio in Singapore. Through passion, commitment, hard work and smart sense we had served and satisfied a wide range of clienteles from hospitality, residential, f & b, retail and commercial. Providing them with a complete solutions in their needs of architectural and interior design, management, consultant, renovation and fit-out works.  


 With over 25 years of consolidate and extensive experiences of our Director in the field of architecture, interior and construction. Exposed in international projects in Singapore, Taiwan, China, India, Middle East, Southeast Asia and the rest of Asia Pacific Region. Involved in high profile projects like Taipei 101  and collaborated with renowned international designer Jaya Ibrahim  



Follow up project leads from Business Development or Marketing team. Meet with probable clients and presenting the company. Negotiate contract together with Administrative team.


Establish with the team the general mood and feel of the project. Review and approve the general circulation, flow and zoning plans, material boards and relevant images or sketches. Giving the project its design direction and intent . 


Developing concept design plans indicating furniture, fixtures and equipment's including the creation of key elevations. Generate the general design of furniture and craft preliminary perspective views. Lead the team in presenting the design to client.


Refining the schematic design with coordinated information from all consultants. Forming the design details and specifics. This include design of required FF&E and approval of materials-finishes specifications. Present the final design for clients approval.


Manage and guide the production team for the completion of design detailing and specification for building and construction. Coordinate and work with the clients team for the tender exercise and recommendation of suitable contractor.


Periodic review of the work performed by the contractor to insure that the design intents are followed and design integrity is preserved. Coordination with all relevant party on the realization of the project.